International Relocation Services

Forwarding Diplomatic Shipments

Items intended for personal or professional use, as well as for technical and material support of diplomatic missions are considered to be diplomatic cargo. Diplomatic shipments are classified as special cargo and accepted for carriage under restricted conditions. Each shipment requires a special approach and experience on the part of the forwarder.

Forwarding Personal Effects

When moving from / to Uzbekistan, there is a need for the transportation of personal belongings. From individuals, diplomatic personnel, members of international corps to representatives of foreign organizations - they all need to relocate from one country to another at some point - usually when their mission ends. Moving can be complex and costly, especially when you have to deal with a variety of personal belongings: clothing, household items, furniture or appliances. Personal belongings, unlike other types of goods, are subject to careful inspection because they carry a high legal or safety risk: among them there may be undeclared dangerous goods, items of historical or cultural value, items requiring an export permit or prohibited for export / import into specific countries. We work closely with the Ministry of Culture of Uzbekistan, the customs authorities and others to make sure our customers' personal belongings are safely delivered to their destination anywhere in the world.

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Forwarding Live Animals

The main criteria for forwarding live animals are speed and safety to ensure physical and emotional well-being of animals. We forward pets for our customers on a regular basis and have a wealth of experience in the field. The team at Delta Global Solutions takes care of all necessary procedures - from obtaining certificates and approvals from veterinary authorities to assisting pet owners to purchase proper carriers and parts.

We work with Delta Global Solutions as our dedicated freight forwarder to move our diplomatic shipments / household effects between Tashkent and Jakarta. When it comes to relocation services, there is none other in Uzbekistan that compares to Delta – on expertise, service quality or pricing. The staff at Delta carry out their duties in a professional and dependable manner and offer a great service 24/7. Our Ambassador Mr. Anak Agung Gde Alit Santhika was especially impressed with their service when Delta recently packed and moved his personal effects. We would highly recommend Delta Global Solutions and their outstanding service to anyone needing great and reliable freight service company.

Anak Agung Gde Alit Santhika

Ambassador, Indonesian Embassy in Tashkent

At Delta Global Solutions, we offer complete logistics solutions for international forwarding of both diplomatic cargo and personal effects, pets and valuable items, ensuring a high-quality service and proper handling of documentation.