Value Added Services

Alongside the main logistics solutions, we offer our customers a range of value added services which free up valuable resources that could be used to focus on main business.


We provide a full suite of customs services for import, export and transit shipments, handling your shipment at all stages of customs clearance and representing your interests at government agencies, ports and warehouses. Working with experienced customs professionals, you do not have navigate through all the red rape and complexities of clearing your shipment through customs. Our customs clearance services will only enrich your forwarding journey with us.

We offer the following customs services, among others:

  • Handling imports, reexports, exports, reimports, transit shipments

  • Issuance of certificate of origin (СТ-1 form)

  • Issuance of phytosanitary and fumigation certificates

  • Obtaining of various government permits for import, export and transit

  • Payment of customs fees, duties and taxes


At Delta Global Solutions, we always take good care of your shipments. But we also know that things can sometimes go wrong during transport. All carriers and forwarders have limitations of liability in place for cases of damage, pilferage or loss. On top of that, carriers have lengthy and complicated administrative processes for claim cases and there is no guarantee of the final outcome. As your shipping partner, we recommend that you have your cargo insured. We provide all types of marine insurance upon request. Remember - no cargo is automatically insured by any forwarder unless you explicitly ask and pay for cargo insurance. At Delta Global Solutions, we provide all types of marine insurance to protect your valuable shipment.


Uzbekistan is the biggest and fastest growing market in Central Asia and an increasingly lucrative new destination for foreign investment and business. For companies seeking to enter the Uzbekistan market or wishing do business here, our consulting professionals are here to provide quality data and insights to support your decision-making and market entry.

We can handle basic market research, industry-specific reports and statistics, local company incorporation as well as accounting, taxation and compliance services.