Vertical Solutions

Over the years, we have developed and perfected industry-specific logistics solutions to meet the stringent technical and regulatory demands of various vertical industries. For each niche product that we offer, we develop and maintain specific workflows and standard operating procedures, which we follow to the letter to ensure nothing goes wrong on our watch.


Responding to AOG (Aircraft On Ground) cases is a demanding task because so much is at stake - itinerary of passengers, safety of the aircraft, airline finances and the safe handling of multi-million dollar assets. It requires careful pre-planning, regular checks at every stage of the movement and close collaboration among all involved - shipper, forwarder, carrier, consignee, customs authorities and brokers. Our team has been moving various types of aircraft engines and landing gear since 2015. Over the years, we have built clear-cut SOPs for all supply chain players involved in the handling of aircraft parts, which we follow to the letter. We do everything to ensure that nothing goes wrong on our watch.


We understand the healthcare industry's various regulatory demands for transporting, handling and warehousing of healthcare products, from temperature requirements, vibration controls to speed and efficiency. Our team is well equipped with intimate knowledge and experience of handling various categories of pharmaceuticals and medical devices such as diagnostics equipment, vaccines, reagents. Our team of dedicated healthcare logistics specialists are working on an ever-updating database covering carrier capabilities, warehouses, agent certifications. We keep improving ourselves and strive to ensure that our customers in the healthcare field receive nothing short of first class service.


Handling perishables has always been one of our core competencies. We handle all types of goods which require temperature controlled transport, warehousing and handling, from fresh produce (cherries, melons, grapes, etc), foodstuffs (frozen meat, sausages, cheese, etc), live plants, duty-free items from global brands to life-saving vaccines destined for hospitals. In 2017, we successfully forwarded close to one million walnut saplings from California, US to Tashkent, Uzbekistan for a major farm specializing in walnut orchards. As professionals, we understand what is at stake and pay close attention to every detail of the forwarding process. Our track record to day is a testimony to the reliable and high quality service that our regular customers enjoy.