Aerospace Logistics

Complete AOG Logistics from Qualified Industry Specialists

Responding to AOG (Aircraft On Ground) cases is a demanding undertaking because so much is at stake - aircraft schedule, airline finances and the safety of high-value aviation components. AOG situations require ability to deploy at short notice, critical decision-making skills and quality control at every stage of the movement. At Delta Global Solutions, we bring our expertise, resources and infrastructure together to respond to urgent freight requirements of the international aviation community.

Aircraft Engine Transport

Handling aircraft engines is one of the most complex and sensitive type of transportation moves. High value of the engines, outsized dimensions and 'hazardous cargo' status require technical knowledge and operational skills. Each engine type is unique and requires special handling and coordination. Origin and destination points may always vary depending on the AOG location so it is important to have a reliable network of qualified forwarders experienced in aviation logistics.

Rotables & Expendables

Aircraft rotables (repairable spare parts) and expendables are critical components that must be delivered to AOG customers anywhere in the world. If the rotables are leased, this may mean returning out-of-service parts to component pooling partners or delivering ready-for-use parts to aircraft maintenance shops at short notice. We understand what is at stake and treat each shipment with the urgency and priority that it deserves.

Our Customers

MRO (maintenance, repair, overhaul) companies

Aerospace manufacturers

Aviation part leasing companies

Component poolers


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What We Forward

Aircraft engines

Landing gear

Rotable components



Quality Assurance

Reliability and predictability is key in aerospace logistics. We adhere to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 to give our customers a combination of speed, quality and coordination that delivering aerospace parts requires. Any deviations from our standard processes are immediately recorded and acted upon based on our CAPA (Corrective Action & Preventive Action) procedures.

We use the services of Delta Global Solutions for movement of our aircraft engines and spare parts to/from sites in the US, UK and Singapore for regular maintenance and in AOG situations. They have demonstrated excellent problem-solving skills and an intricate technical knowledge required for safe and timely movement of aircraft parts around the globe, clearly establishing themselves as a top AOG forwarder in the market. We want to thank the team at Delta Global Solutions for being a valuable partner in the complex AOG supply chain that we operate.

Aziz Safiullin

First Deputy Chairman, Uzbekistan Airways

At Delta Global Solutions, we provide end-to-end logistics solutions that not only meet your immediate challenges but also align with your overall supply chain strategy to deliver long-term efficiency and cost-savings for your business.

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