Healthcare Logistics

Complete Healthcare Logistics from Qualified Industry Specialists

Complete Healthcare Logistics

Handling & forwarding temperature sensitive life-science shipments, medical equipment or laboratory expendables requires knowledge, precision and dedication. Over the years, our team at Delta Global Solutions has carefully mastered the know-how and expertise required for operating in healthcare logistics - a niche area which requires industry expertise, vast resources and global network of reliable suppliers. From medical equipment, temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals or chemical reagents, our healthcare logistics specialists ensure every shipment receives the special attention it deserves.

Medical Equipment

From MRI, X-Ray machines, lab consumables to surgical instruments, we have a complete range of solutions for safe and timely delivery of various types of medical equipment.

Biotechnology Products

Be it temperature-sensitive chemical reagents or analyzers, our team is equipped with skill, qualifications and experience to handle sensitive (and sometimes dangerous) medical biochemicals.


We support the pharma industry with our bespoke logistics solutions tailored for shipping, handling and storage of pharmaceuticals, be it vaccines, raw materials or anything in between.

Quality Assurance

As a healthcare logistics forwarder, we adhere to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015. This means we have the necessary processes in place for precision-handling of healthcare products - from packing, labeling, storage to forwarding or handling otherwise. If deviation from process occurs, this will be recorded and acted upon based on our CAPA (Corrective Action & Preventive Action) procedures, with clear process owners and deadlines to mitigate any adverse effects of deviation.

Partnering with Delta Global Solutions, we can state with absolute confidence that this company has our full trust in their ability to provide complex logistical services for the movement of medical equipment and lab consumables which we import on a regular basis. Relying on the business experience of Delta Global Solutions, we are always confident that we will receive the best service and optimal solutions thanks to the team’s expertise, flexibility and commitment to us as a service provider. We recognize Delta Global Solutions as a worthy business partner and recommend them as the best solution in the field of medical logistics.

Rano Khodjimukhamedova

At Delta Global Solutions, we provide end-to-end logistics solutions that not only meet your immediate challenges but also align with your overall supply chain strategy to deliver long-term efficiency and cost-savings for your business.

Other Solutions

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